Something happens in my house every spring. When the temperatures are fluctuating between winter and spring, and the air is damp, my kids inevitably come down with a bug. This year it started with my daughter and a cough, and made it’s way to my youngest son. Born with a genetic disposition for low muscle tone, my two youngest children are prone to contract respiratory illnesses. As a result, we take every cough seriously and do our best to avoid any serious ailments.

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Here are our family tricks to fight off these viruses before they get worse:

  • Vitamin C – we take Vitamin C supplements when the signs of a cold come on, but we also drink more pure Orange juice, cut up bell peppers to snack on, serve strawberries for dessert and pack our salads with dark green veggies like kale and broccoli
  • Water – increase the hydration to help flush the cold out
  • Prop up your head – this is especially important for kids who are prone to pneumonia. Using extra pillows in their beds will help them breathe easier
  • Use a vaporizer – set up a vaporizer in their rooms at night
  • Tinctures – I use Cough+Cold for Kids to help ease the symptoms
  • Eucalyptus Oil – I have a mixture of coconut oil, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil that I rub on their backs, chest and feet at night. It helps them get a more restful sleep by relieving their coughs
  • Homemade soup – chicken soup broth and some light vegetables will warm you from the inside out and it seems to help you feel better
  • Use an air purifier – viruses seem to get triggered by allergies with my kids, so reducing the dust and allergens in the house is important
  • Warm bath with epsom salts – This always makes me feel better when I have a cold, so I get the kids to try it too

Of course hand washing is essential and cleaning household surfaces is also important. What are your family tips for fighting the common cold?

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