Did you know many Canadians now own, or are planning to purchase, a high-efficiency washing machine? These machines have more computer sensors than the first spaceship sent to the moon – pretty cool right!? As these futuristic washers become the norm in homes across the country, consumers should consider using a detergent that’s specially formulated for HE washing machines.

Tide-HE-turboI am one of the few who haven’t made the switch yet, only because my old washer and dryer are still working really well despite being around twenty years old. When the time comes, I will be moving to HE appliances.

This month, P&G Fabric Care is introducing a new industry standard in High Efficiency (HE) Detergents – Tide HE Turbo – to deliver the best clean from a HE washer. A first-of-its-kind, the HE-Turbo Seal is available on select Tide products, allowing shoppers to identify the detergents specifically designed for their HE washers. The good news for me is that I can still use them in my old washer and dryer!

HE Turbo products can save time and energy thanks to new proprietary quick-collapsing Smart Suds technology. With HE Turbo Smart Suds, your laundry rinses clean without sending HE washers into additional rinse cycles that can add up to 25 minutes to a wash and waste up to 10 gallons of water. Tide HE Turbo products can be used in all washers, but are specially designed to maximize the energy and water saving benefits of HE machines. What’s more, Tide HE Turbo promises six times the cleaning power in half the time compared to regular detergents used in a HE washer.  Tide HE Turbo is available at Walmart stores in Canada.

To celebrate, I’m holding a giveaway for one lucky reader! Here’s what’s included in the bundle, valued at $62*:

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