Families on the go know just how beneficial Glad food storage products can be. Snack bags are perfect for toddlers who won’t be home at snack time. Sandwich bags can be found in lunch bags everywhere, and the glad lunch containers are excellent for salads, fresh fruit and vegetables and even leftovers. Glad is known for their ability to seal tight and keep food fresh.

glad wrap

The Glad food storage products go beyond lunches though. Freezer bags are excellent for dividing large meat portions before freezing, and also for freezing leftovers. I like to make freezer bag meals for busy days when I don’t have time to cook but I still want to food my family something healthy and declicious.

freezer meals

The freezer bags are also great for doing food prep ahead of time. If I’m already grating cheese or chopping onions, why not do some extra and freeze them for later? Tomatoes from the garden can be frozen whole and when they defrost, the peel slides right off.

They are so many uses for Glad products, that I started to think about all of the different ways I use them, that aren’t necessarily what they were intended for. Here are just a few of the life hacks that Glad has helped us with:

  • icing bags – put the zipper bag inside a cup with one corner pointing down. Scoop spoonfuls of icing into the bag, then cut the corner of the bag to create an opening. Squeeze to decorate!
  • cold packs for coolers – fill freezer bags about halfway with water, zip, freeze and place in the cooler when you are ready to pack your food.
  • cold packs for injuries – put wet washclothes inside a zipper bag and freeze. Apply the sealed bag to the injured area when necessary.
  • sorting lego – use small sandwich or snack bags to sort lego pieces into size, colour or kits.
  • travel bags – use zipper bags to transport liquids, snacks or anything that could leak or spill when traveling.
  • Wrap wet paint brushes and rollers in plastic wrap and freeze them to use again later.
  • Press and seal plastic wrap has proven itself as an effective way to wrap a cast before taking a shower.

glad travel

Now that I think about it, I know why we go through the zipper bags so fast! They are used for so much more than food storage. What do you use Glad food storage products for?



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