Do you remember the ice cream truck? In my town it was the ice cream bike. Kids would ride around town on bikes with freezers attached to the front, ringing their bells to let us know that they were coming with some cold and creamy treats.

One of my favourite things from the ice cream bike was the chocolate dipped ice cream cone. It is still one of my favourite ice cream treats available on ice cream trucks today, and using a variety of ice cream toppings, I was able to create my own chocolate dipped ice cream cone to have at home.

smuckers 7

I filled the cones with a chocolate coating that hardens with it gets cold, coating the sides before placing it in the freezer. Then I filled the cones with ice cream and hollowed out a spot in the middle to fill with caramel. I added more ice cream and dipped the cone in the chocolate sauce that hardens. Here’s a tip: Don’t turn it right side up before the chocolate hardens, or you end up with chocolate all over the cone! I finished it off with some chopped peanuts and I successfully recreated my favourite ice cream treat!

ice cream cone

My husband’s favourite ice cream truck treat is an ice cream cookie sandwich, and I knew I could easily recreate that. I added a little extra sweetness by putting a swirl of chocolate sauce on one side of the ice cream and caramel on the other side and simply put the sandwich together.

ice cream cookie

These turned out even better than the kind we used to buy off the ice cream truck!

What was your favourite treat from the ice cream truck? Have you ever tried to recreate it at home?



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