It’s 3:30pm and the kids are home from school. It’s loud. My work day isn’t finished yet even though I tried to get everything urgent done before I picked the kids up. The kids are hungry. They’re fighting. I can not get my work done in this environment.

I have just described the end of the school day for most work at home Moms. It’s pure chaos.

The last thing I want to do to my kids when they get home from school is make them feel ignored, but the work has to get done, so what does a busy Mom do?


I grab my HP Spectre x360, throw it in my purse and walk the kids to the park. Once they are running around and enjoying every moment of sunshine and recreation, I can sit down and get to work. The HP Spectre 360 is perfect for this kind of outing. It’s light and small and has a long battery life, so taking it with me is easy and convenient. I don’t need to worry about bringing along cords and if they kids need me I can quickly slip it back into my bag until I can get back to work.

Recently I was heading home from a trip and I had a twitter party to moderate. When it was clear that we weren’t going to make it home on time, we found a truck stop and I set up the Spectre and did my party at a table while the kids snacked on timbits.

When we were finished, I continued to get some work done with the Spectre on my lap in the van. The backlit keyboard allowed me to work in the dark and when I just wanted to review some photos, I flipped it over completely and just viewed them as if it was a tablet.

spectre foldedPortability isn’t just handy outside of the home. Sometimes my office is in the living room. Sometimes my home office is on the back patio, and sometimes it is in my bedroom. Often it is wherever I can get the most work done with the fewest interruptions. I love having a computer that I can just pick up and move to wherever I want to go.

Why is portability important to you?



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