Mother’s Day has come and gone, and while I had a wonderful Mother’s Day at Disney World, I did miss spending any of it with my own mother. So in her honour, I will share some things I learned from my mother:

mom and girls

My Mom, niece, daughter and me

  • Keep a level head. As a nurse I’m sure my Mom has had a lot of experience staying calm in stressful situations, and it rolled over into life at home.
  • It’s never too late to learn something new. My Mom took swimming lessons in her thirties and has always showed me that she can take lessons and learn something new.
  • Never let gender roles define what you can do. My Mom could change a light fixture and use a table saw, and she can knit a sweater or sew a dress.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. My Mom has never been one to nag or lecture. If we needed a reminder of what is right and wrong, she’d give it once, and let it go.
  • Roll with the punches. It is similar to the point above, only sometimes it isn’t small stuff. Sometimes really big things happen, and rather than letting them destroy her, she has done her best to make things work.
  • Don’t give unsolicited opinions if no one’s safety is at risk. Okay, I may not have learned to do this myself, but I appreciate that she has always been this way.
  • Reading is essential. My home was always full of books and my Mom was often found with her nose in one of them.
  • Sustainability. My mother was way ahead of her time in this area. She had a compost decades ago, she has always had a hearty vegetable garden, she ran a community garden for several years and she has collected rain water since I was a child. The clothes were often hung out to dry, and she cooked from scratch. I don’t have her level of dedication, but I strive to.

My Mom may not have taught me to do fancy hairstyles or apply makeup properly, but she gave me so many more important lessons. She gave me a solid foundation that helped me become an independent woman and I hope a good mother to my own children.

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