The internet has made it possible to find the best deals on almost everything, if you have the time to surf through flyers, websites and emails. The sheer amount of information can make shopping for deals even more overwhelming than when we just visited the stores themselves! That is, until you find is a digital offers site that compiles the best in-store and online deals for some of your favourite retailers. Relatively new to Canada, aims to help every Canadian develop savvy spending habits on everything from clothes to more practical purchases like savings on tax returns!

I recently had an unfortunate incident with my computer. The touchscreen ended up getting a big crack in the screen while on a trip, leaving the sensors going off along the crack. I found the driver and disabled it, thinking I solved the problem. A couple of days passed and my computer started shutting down randomly and I feared the end was near. I did a complete backup and set out in search of a new laptop.

On I can browse the categories below, or I can use the search bar to enter in one of my favourite stores. I found a laptop I liked at so I entered it into the search bar to find any coupons available.

Unfortunately, my computer turned off one final time before I backed up my screenshot of those coupons! There are always different savings available though, so here is what you would find if you searched today…

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I ended up saving $150 on the laptop I wanted, which was an HP Envy with beats audio, but I had to run out and get it at the store since my old laptop didn’t hold out long enough for me. I use to find savings on a regular basis. Before checking out online with any stores or when purchasing domains, I always search for coupons codes with first. It saves me a fortune on domains, which I have a bit of an addiction to buying, and I always manage to save money on clothing and book purchases too.

One of my lucky readers will win a $100 Visa gift card which can be used anywhere, but be sure to check out for the best deals!

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