Like many people, we are always working on our home. We may be finishing the basement, adding a new bathroom, painting or building a deck, but there’s always something going on. I don’t think it will ever be finished because after living in a house for over a decade, you circle back to replacing or repairing the original fixtures in the home.

bathroom before

Over the past year we’ve noticed that the dishwasher doesn’t clean as well as it once did. The ice maker stops making ice. The shingles on the roof start to curl. Raising four children and a dog in the house have caused other issues. The living room furniture is looking worn out. The table is colourful from markers and paint. The cupboards and light fixtures I once loved are outdated.

It’s time to make some changes.

The challenge is deciding where to start. There are things that need to be replaced, like the roof which we recently took care of. The dishwasher is a necessity in my world (no, I can not hand wash dishes), so it is likely next on my list. I can live without an ice maker, and the light fixtures still do their job. The living room furniture can wait, since my youngest is just 7 and there’s likely to be more damage done over the next year or two.

I am in desperate need of office space, or at the very least some office furniture set up in the corner of a room somewhere. However, I’m also really tired of looking at my dark kitchen cupboards and I may want them painted more than I want a desk. I believe my husband would put the deck on high priority, and I wouldn’t fight him on that. Then I’ll need new patio furniture. The list is ongoing!

Where is that money tree when you need it?

Since I don’t have a money tree or unlimited funds, we have to continue with one task at a time in this never ending job of being a home owner.

How long have you lived in your home? Are you also always in a state of repair/change, or is it just me?



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