Historically, a Dad’s role with the kids has been downplayed. Men are painted as the providers and not the caretakers, but that is a stereotype. Men are just as capable of taking care of their children as their wives! Here are some of the things that my husband regularly did or does with our children.

  • Changing diapers. My husband didn’t shy away from diaper duty. In fact, I think he may have changed more diapers than I did!
  • Getting up through the night. I was a breastfeeding mom so I needed to be up with the babies most of the time, but that didn’t stop my husband from getting up and bringing them to me when they cried.
  • Cleaning up vomit. It’s a terrible job and no one wants to do it, but it’s often part of being a parent. I’ll do it, but I’ll choke and gag the whole time, so my husband willingly takes care of this nasty job.
  • Playing. My husband is very good at being silly and entertaining the kids, or joining them in one of their games.
  • Coaching. He has coached hockey and soccer not only for our children, but for other local kids too.
  • Homework. The kids definitely prefer to do their math homework with their Dad. He seems to be able to explain it to them in a way they understand, and he is patient with them while doing it.
  • Appointments. We have one child who gets monthly IV treatments, and his Dad is at his side more than half the time. He knows how to keep him calm while getting his needles and makes the long day in the hospital more fun by playing video games and board games with him.
  • Co-parenting. We share the parenting roles in our family and there are no jobs that are just mine or just his (except maybe cleaning up vomit). We discipline together and make decisions together.

Dads are just as important to their children as Moms are, and I’m grateful that I have a husband who believes this.

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