There are a multitude of opportunities for today’s consumers to earn rewards at their favourite stores. These rewards can add up and become free groceries, discounts on flights and hotel rooms, free movies and more awesome bonuses.

They also mean your wallet is overflowing with loyalty cards and your key chain is full of rewards bar codes. The key tags never last long on my key chains. They break and fall off, never to be seen again. I shove the cards into my wallet as best as they can fit, but there’s never quite enough space for them all.


For someone like me, who doesn’t even carry her purse or wallet a lot of the time, I miss rewards simply because I don’t have the card with me to claim them. One thing I always have with me is my iPhone, and now thanks to UGO Wallet, I always have my loyalty cards too.
UGO Wallet is a free mobile app that allows you to store loyalty cards within your smartphone. The app allows users to quickly collect and redeem points without fumbling through a wallet or purse.

Adding loyalty cards to UGO Wallet is easy. Simply take a photo of the front and back of the card, and the information is stored. If you no longer have the physical card, enter the bar code manually and name the card. You now have a digital copy of your loyalty card that lives on your iPhone!

When you are shopping and you want to use your rewards, just open UGO Wallet and click on the card you wish to use. It can then be scanned in the store and used just as you would use the card itself. It is so convenient, and I never miss out on valuable rewards!

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For me, having UGO Wallet has meant that I no longer miss out on PC Plus points when I visit the grocery store. I previously had a key tag that was lost a long time ago, so for months I shopped without earning anything. It seemed so wasteful but I’m making up for it now!

UGO has made it easier for me to collect rewards while shopping. I use it regularly and I highly recommend it to others. Let UGO Wallet get your loyalty cards organized by downloading the app from the App Store.



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