My daughter is a girl who knows what she likes. She was born to a tomboy Mom who didn’t even own a purse, a hockey Dad and two brothers, yet she was drawn to anything pink and frilly. I remember trying to put her in some of her brother’s hand me downs when she wasn’t quite a year old, and having a major wrestling match with her. She knew what she liked, and she wasn’t going to compromise.

She became a little more flexible as she got older. Her colour preferences expanded to purples and blues and she even has some ball caps that she has deemed acceptable, but her style has always remained. Her soccer cleats are even pink!

Avery has always loved dress shopping, so when I told her we needed dresses for a cruise we were going on a couple of years ago, she was excited! We bought a few different styles and colours, including the pink shimmering gown you see below.

cruise wear

On the cruise, Avery was invited to a Barbie tea with other girls her age and she knew that was the perfect place to wear her gown. They even provided pink tiaras that she proudly wore.

tea party

Avery’s love for pretty things has spread to the rest of us too. She voices her opinions and leaves her mark when shopping with each of us. I own more than one purse now, and she lets me know when my choices aren’t up to her standards.

To celebrate all childrens’ styles, one of my lucky readers will win their very own set of 3 Barbie Fashionista dolls.

get ready to winCanada




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