After a long and cold winter spring has finally sprung and Ontario’s gardeners are ready to get their hands dirty! However, more important than creating a picture perfect garden is ensuring that no harm is done to our bodies as we bend over our backyard flowerbeds. Improper gardening techniques can cause not only strain to our backs, but wear and tear of your joints and muscles as well!

Gardening may look like an easy job, but it is far from it! It requires bending, digging, lifting, pulling, raking and kneeling. I spent an hour working on my vegetable gardens the other day, and I felt like I had taken part in an aerobics class when I was done! It’s hard work, and it can be especially hard on your back if you don’t take precautions.

The Ontario Chiropractic Association offers many tips on how to take good care of your back while gardening, and with many other activities too. Here are some of their tips for the garden.

plant and rake

  • Have the right tools for the task at hand
  • Ensure you drink plenty of fluids
  • Alternate between light and heavy jobs
  • Lift correctly
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Heavy loads should be shared
  • Your feet should be protected with thick soled supportive shoes
  • Before you start, warm-up your muscles
  • Avoid muscle strain, learn the right techniques
  • Change positions frequently
  • Kneel to plant and weed
  • Spinal check-ups can help keep your back healthy

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