Being a pre-teen girl is hard. Torn between being a little girl and a teenager can be confusing, and it shows at playtime. My daughter has developed more sophisticated taste in the past year, but she’s not quite ready to let go of her stuffed animals and dolls quite yet. Some companies are recognizing this transition time in girls, and creating products that will allow them to continue to play with their favourite toys, but in a more sophisticated way.

Build-A-Bear has launched Honey Girls, the company’s first multimedia entertainment product line. Honey Girls is a band composed of three plush friends brought to life through a story of friendship and discovered in song and music videos all available on an exclusive, interactive app, and online.


These interactive toys incorporate music, the internet/smart devices and they teach kids about the importance of lasting friendships. They also encourage young girls to find their passions, build their confidence and inspire self-expression. That is so important for my daughter during this transition time in her life.

The Honey Girls – Teegan, Risa and Viv – met at school and formed their own band. Music brought the Honey Girls together, but it’s their friendship that keeps them together. Each of the Honey Girls has her own strengths and talents that help the friends “be brighter together.” Teegan the tiger is the fearless and bold lead singer. Bunny Risa is the guitarist, and she is all about music and being creative. Lastly, Viv is the bear cub drummer, who’s not only a great friend but also a talented inventor. Each Honey Girls character has her own original song along with the group’s debut song titled “Everything is Better.” Listen in for a “sneak preview” starting June 15!

Over time, Build-A-Bear will be introducing more characters, original songs by the band, and even popular cover versions in the future that can be found on their web page: They also have an exclusive, interactive Honey Girls Studio App that kids can use to access music videos, songs and a selfie activity.
The app is available here: iTunes and Google Play.


Each character retails for $30 at Build a Bear retail outlets. Each one of the Honey Girls will travel home from the store in a specially designed condo that converts into a stage for at-home performances.



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