My morning coffee is not only essential for me to function, it is how I make the transition from parenting to working. Before my coffee, I serve breakfast and pour drinks. I clean up any kitchen messes that were left from the day before and I put the dog out. I throw some laundry in the washer and check the calendar for any appointments that I may have forgotten about. When everyone is settled in for the morning, then I put the coffee on.

Those few minutes where I sit down with my first cup of coffee are priceless to me, so the coffee better be good.

I recently made the switch from brewing from coffee grounds to using whole coffee beans. It’s been a bit of a learning curve while I try all of the different beans available, but my Breville Grind Control machine has made the brewing process easy.

grind control

The Grind Control not only brews a delicious cup of coffee, it does it to my specifications. There are so many things I love about the grind control, but I have to list them for you:

  • Brew 1-12 cups of coffee in the insulated pot
  • Brew a single cup and just set the size of your cup
  • Fill the water reservoir with 12 cups of water, and the grind control will only use as much water as you need for the number of cups you’ve decided to make (this is great when I choose to make 6 cups in the morning and 6 cups in the afternoon)
  • Choose how fine or coarse you want your beans ground
  • Set the strength of your coffee
  • Use the timer to have your coffee ready when you want it
  • The coffee comes out at the perfect temperature so that I can drink it right away
  • The thermal carafe keeps it hot, and there’s no burner to scorch the coffee

I have tested some different settings and coffee beans, and I’ve found my sweet spot with the Grind Control. I make 12 cups of coffee with 1/2 cup of medium roast beans. I set the grind to 3 and the strength to 3 (I like a weaker cup of coffee), and I get a cup of coffee that is just right for me.

One of my lucky readers will win a Breville Grind Control!

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