School starts in one week and the preparations are definitely under way. We have been shopping for school supplies and fall clothes, and by the look of the parking lots and stores, everyone else is too. We are getting the kids to bed earlier again and preparing for early mornings and school lunches. The haircuts are scheduled and the new backpacks are ready to go.

back to school

Aside from making school lunches, one of the biggest complaints I hear from my friends about the school year is dealing with school mornings. Waking tired kids who want to sleep and guiding them through their morning routines isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds. The kids want to stay in bed. You didn’t buy the right cereal. A lunch box was left at school. Homework wasn’t finished. Shoes are misplaced.

Mornings can be a challenge. Here are some tips for making the school morning routine a little easier:

  • Prepare lunches the night before
  • Keep extra lunch bags on hand (I have two in the cupboard just for emergencies)
  • Have the kids set out their clothes the night before
  • Go through the kids’ backpacks with them every day after school
  • Review school calendars, blogs, notes the night before
  • Get up a half hour before the kids and have a cup of coffee and some breakfast before the chaos begins
  • Give every child his/her own alarm clock and set them all so that they can use snooze at least once
  • Have the children get up at different times. This has been particularly helpful in our home where one of the kids has a harder time getting along with the other kids in the morning
  • Give everyone a rigid order in which he/she will get ready, and ensure each child is on a different schedule than the others
  • If possible, put the kids’ toothbrushes and hairbrushes in different washrooms so they don’t have to wait on each other
  • Set a 10 minute timer to let the kids know it is almost time to go out the door

When I follow these steps, our mornings run smoothly and the day gets off to a great start. The real challenge is continuing this routine all year long! Please feel free to share your suggestions in the comments.

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