Have you ever watched a commercial and wondered if the product really performs the way they say it does? I think we all have. Stayfree has given me the opportunity to take the Stayfree Challenge and test the product myself, in my own home.

To do the challenge, I was given three 5 lb weights, three 5ml bottles of blue liquid, three blotting pads, a package of Stayfree pads, two competitor pads and a vinyl sheet to do the test on.  I was also given step by step instructions on how to perform the test.


First I opened the Stayfree package and put a Stayfree pad on the sheet. Next I opened the competitor pads and placed them on their spots. All of the pads had a sticky backing.


Next I poured each 5ml bottle of blue liquid into the middle of each pad and waited thirty seconds before proceeding. Next I placed a blotter sheet on top of each pad, followed by a 5lb weight on top of each blotter sheet. I let them sit for five seconds before removing the weights.





You can see the results for yourself. I have to say I was a little surprised because I thought the texture of Competitor #1 would have been the best at keeping the surface dry.



So this is one case where I actually got to do the test myself and see just how accurate it was. Just for the sake of the doubters out there, the bottles of liquid were not labeled so I chose them at random for each pad. The same is true for the blotter pads and the weights. There was no way for the test to be staged without my knowledge, so I believe it to be true!

Have you taken the challenge?



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