Day: September 17, 2015

Win a Nature Valley Prize Pack

We moved several times when I was a kid, and I can hardly remember the insides of the houses we lived in before I was a tween. I can describe in detail the yards and neighbourhoods for every one of those houses though. We were always outside when I was a kid. We rode bikes, played tag, played in the dirt and got into things we probably shouldn’t have. I loved to explore and if we could explore a wooded or natural area, that was a great day. In one neighbourhood there were a group of trees beside a...

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Make Potato & Cheese Bake with this Breville Handy Mix Scraper

I enjoy cooking, but I don’t enjoy the mess that comes with it. I tend to shy away from recipes that require me to use multiple appliances and dishes. Who wants to spend an hour washing appliances after already spending that time preparing a meal?The Breville Handy Mix Scraper solves some of those problems for me. It comes equipped with BPA-free scraper beaters, twin balloon whisks and dough hooks. By simply switching out the accessories I can accomplish multiple tasks without making a huge mess. The scraper beaters are fantastic. They mix to the edge of the bowl without...

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