In a home with three young kids, a husband and a dog, there are a lot of messes to clean up. On a daily basis I deal with dirt, grass and mud tracked into the house, spilled drinks and food and crumbs everywhere. Where does it all come from? Thankfully we have Swiffer effect to keep the house clean and the family happy.

Then we have weeks like the last two, where the messes are anything but ordinary and not the type you want to deal with. I’ll get to that in a minute. First, let me tell you about my trip.

swiffer fanatics

Two weeks ago I was swept away to Cincinnati for a few days with the new Swiffer Fanatics team. We learned about the history of Swiffer and we discovered some tidbits on how to use the products properly. Did you know that you are not supposed to use the Swiffer Sweeper in a back and forth motion? For the best cleaning job, use it in an “S” formation. The Swiffer dusters should be “fluffed” nicely before use and the Swiffer products can be reused until they start to leave dirt behind. Mainly we learned about the “Swiffer Effect”, which is what happens when you use Swiffer products. Basically the “Swiffer Effect” means that Swiffer products make cleaning up fast and easy so that we can do the things we love.

Little did I know, these tips and all of the Swiffer products that they gave me would come in very handy. The day after I went home from Cincinnati my dog went in for surgery for bladder stones. His surgery ended up being a little more extensive than originally planned and his recovery lengthened as a result. He came home two days later with a two inch incision on his abdomen, leaving a trail of blood behind every time he got the least bit excited.

Do you know what excites a dog? Everything. Doorbells and knocking. Children and adults. Other animals on the street. Food. My normally lazy dog was jumping off the furniture every time the wind blew, and he was leaving some disgusting messes behind. Cleaning up quickly was high priority because the blood on the floor was more than a little disconcerting to the kids, and I also needed to calm him down as quickly as possible.

The Swiffer WetJet was the right tool for the job. It works quickly to clean up gross messes. Replacing the pad is quick and easy and didn’t involve me getting my hands dirty, and when the need arose the kids could use it to deal with the mess. Keeping it handy helped us clean up after the dog so we could get back to loving him while he recovered.


He’s healing nicely now, but we haven’t packed up the Swiffer yet. That’s a good thing too, since last night my husband knocked my wine glass on the floor, shattering it and spilling red wine everywhere. The Swiffer WetJet dealt with the wine. The Swiffer sweeper ensured there were no tiny shards of glass left behind. The Swiffer Effect was my husband cleaned up the mess quickly so he could return to the couch and watch a movie with me.

Swiffer really does help people get back to the things they love without neglecting the things they have to do. I hope you will follow along over the next year while I learn more about Swiffer as a Swiffer Fanatic.



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