We moved several times when I was a kid, and I can hardly remember the insides of the houses we lived in before I was a tween. I can describe in detail the yards and neighbourhoods for every one of those houses though. We were always outside when I was a kid. We rode bikes, played tag, played in the dirt and got into things we probably shouldn’t have.

I loved to explore and if we could explore a wooded or natural area, that was a great day. In one neighbourhood there were a group of trees beside a river, and inside of them was a perfect little clearing that my friends and I declared our fort. We would spend so much time playing in there, and I don’t recall my parents ever worrying about where we were.

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I had my first child 23 years ago, and despite claims that kids never played outside anymore, he was always outside too. I kept him a little closer to home than I would have been as a kid, but he enjoyed playing at the park with his friends, riding his bike and just being a kid outside.

Things are a little different these days. My younger kids like to play outside, but if given the choice there is a good chance they will choose time on the iPad or computer over a walk to the park. I don’t think the kids know how to make a mud pie or gather weeds for a pretend salad in a make believe restaurant outside. They have apps of restaurants that they run.

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It is time for kids to rediscover nature.

In its latest mini-documentary film, Nature Valley asked three generations to share their favourite childhood memories. The contrast between grandpa and grandkids is, as one mom put it, is ‘very concerning.’ What if the next generation loses its connection to nature? Let’s work together to rediscover the joy of nature as a family and a community.

To further its commitment to the cause, Nature Valley has partnered with Colin Harris, founder of Take Me Outside, a non-profit organization that champions children spending time outside, being active and connecting to nature.

Nature Valley and Take Me Outside are joining forces to challenge you and your family to spend at least one hour outdoors on Sunday, September 20th for Rediscover Nature Day. Whether it be in your backyard or at one of Canada’s national parks, on a trail or at a beach, we’re encouraging you to get outside and #RediscoverNature.

Take Me Outside is hosting a Rediscover Nature Day contest with a grand prize sponsored by Banff Lake Louise Tourism. Inspire fellow Canadians to join the Rediscover Nature journey by sharing photos of your experience in the great outdoors. It’s easy to enter!

RSVP to participate in Rediscover Nature Day and post a photo of your family enjoying nature to Twitter or Instagram using both #RediscoverNature and #MyBanff between September 9-30, 2015 for a chance to WIN a trip to Banff National Park to experience Banff and Lake Louise with your family or win one of ten Nature Valley Rediscover Nature Kits! Visit Takemeoutside.ca/rediscovernature for full contest rules and regulations and to RSVP.




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