We recently discovered one of our area’s hidden treasures for families, Leaping Deer Adventure Farm. Located in Ingersoll, Ontario, Leaping Deer provides family fun for all ages.


When I visit new places like this with my children, I worry that they won’t all be entertained. After all, a 7 year old boy has different interests than a preteen girl. There was no need to worry at Leaping Deer. They all found things that they enjoyed, and often they enjoyed them together.

Everyone tested their strength at the hammer game, and the older two kept going back to give it another try.


The pedal cars were a big hit with everyone too. They raced around the track and practiced their steering while avoiding hitting one another. My husband enjoyed this activity too. There were smaller pedal cars for younger kids as well.


The duck races were another fun spot for the whole family. They had many competitions to see who could get their ducks to the other end the fastest by pumping water. It’s a great lesson in history too.

duck races

In the barn we visited ducks, geese, pigs and goats. The goat below was just six days old.


The Corn Cob Express could be seen driving around the farm all day, and my kids were anxious for their turn. Parents can join in too, so we did, but my kids are old enough that next time I think I would just watch. The cars are more suited to children.



When we were ready for some lunch and relaxation, we ordered some food made from scratch at the Green Room Cafe. The beef hot dog I ordered was one of the best I’ve ever had, and the kids enjoyed burgers and fries. Next time I’m going to try the apple pie grilled cheese, or maybe the mac and cheese. The maple butter tart sundae sounds pretty good too. I’ve tried their homemade butter tarts, and they are to die for!

You can buy the tarts and many other baked goods and preservatives in the country store. We brought home “Mother’s Favourite” which is like a beet horseradish that is delicious on roast beef. The corn relish and strawberry jam is always well done, and the strawberry rhubarb pie was a big hit.

When we were done our eating and shopping, the kids discovered a pig and cow version of tic tac toe, which they enjoyed for a little while.


The biggest draw to the farm would probably be the corn maze. It is over ten acres large and has two sections, a small section for young families and the larger maze for more confident visitors. We checked in before entering the maze, so that someone knew we were in there, and they gave us a game to play inside. Throughout the maze there are hidden treasures to find and mark off on your sheets. That sounded fun, so we set off to play the game.

corn maze

We split into two groups, my husband and my youngest son were one group and I had the older two children. Even when we climbed on these landings (below) we couldn’t see any other people in the maze. We did have some fun playing Marco-Polo though! The maze was a lot of fun, and when we had enough, we found a quick exit (they are marked throughout the maze) and led ourselves out. Sometime we will go back and conquer the whole thing.


There are pig races held at the farm each day, and we had the chance to watch the little piggies race their way around a U-shaped track. The fourth pig wasn’t in as much of a hurry as everyone else, but they all got a treat at the end.

pig races

We took a tour of the farm on this wagon and had the chance to feed the llamas. The kids really enjoyed that part. Afterwards we walked part of one of the trails and learned about some different types of flowers and plants. It was educational and fun.

wagon ride

feeding llamas

There was a big box of corn kernels for little ones to play in, much like a sandbox without the mess. Kids could also dig in the sand in another area or enjoy a game of mini-putt. My daughter enjoyed climbing on the bails of hay and the colourful tires too.IMG_0739

This month (October) you can take part in the fall fun every Saturday and Sunday at 3pm when they shoot pumpkins from a canon! We will be heading out for that one.

I’m really glad we discovered Leaping Deer Farm. It was a lot of fun without a lot of expense. Check them out on the weekends! You can learn more about them here: http://leapingdeer.com.



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