When my children say they want to see a movie, I’m usually happy to oblige. I enjoy movies, even animated ones, and it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening. When I use my Scotiabank® SCENE®* debit card, I also earn SCENE points. This week they wanted to see the new Minions movie, and I was on board.

To make the most of my SCENE points earned, I always order my movie tickets through the Cineplex app so I can get extra points, in addition to the points I’m already getting for buying a movie ticket. You can also order online and get bonus points, if you don’t have the app. Be sure to input additional SCENE cards to collect points on both cards, so I include my husband’s card when ordering.

As you can see, I had enough points to buy three movie tickets but this time I decided to save my points for a future purchase. Children’s tickets and Tuesday tickets are cheap so I would rather save my points for IMAX movies, VIP movies or just days when I’m lower on cash.


On the way to the movies I stopped for gas and filled up the tank. I also grabbed a few bottles of water from the store, and paid for all of it with my SCENE®* debit card. I’m earning SCENE points while getting the things we need!

Once we made it to the movies I picked up our tickets at the mobile station and hit the concession booth. There is a combo that gets you a large popcorn, large soft drink, a bag of candy and 1000 SCENE points for just a few dollars more than the similar combos without 1000 points. I bought this one because I go to the movies enough to benefit from the savings. I also ordered a combo with a regular popcorn, two regular drinks and a candy, all paid for with my SCENE®* debit card, which earned me additional points. My SCENE membership also saves me 10% on all concession purchases, and when we pay using the SCENE®* debit card, we’ve earned even more again.


We took our stash to the theatre and enjoyed a very funny and family friendly movie. We also saw some previews for some upcoming films we will have to see. The Secret Life of Pets and Daddy’s Home are both on the “must see” list.

Before heading home I stopped off and paid a bill, using my SCENE®* debit card. It had to be paid anyway, so rather than sending a cheque or paying online I use my card and take advantage of the additional SCENE points.

At the end of the day I was able to enjoy a great movie and some time with the kids, and I earned a lot of SCENE points to use the next time we come to the movies. My SCENE points are like my own little minions that will get me into the movies and save me money!

Debbie S. won 1000 Scene points to use at the movies. You can get your own SCENE card and earn points for your family movie nights by signing up here: Get your FREE SCENE card.



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