We’ve all been there. An ice cream cone or chocolate pudding was shared with one of your sweet children, only to have them turn into gooey, sticky little threats to your new jacket or favourite handbag. Moms might be known for being prepared for everything, but we’re fallible too. Sometimes we don’t plan ahead, and that’s when we need to rely on the kindness of strangers.

When I saw the mess these kids had made and how frustrated their mother was, I was glad that I had the tools she needed to fix the problem. It’s a simple thing, showing someone that you care, and it can be done just by offering a Kleenex® Brand Tissue or in this case, some Kleenex Fresh On the Go Wipes.

The Kleenex Fresh On the Go Wipes are a much needed tool in the Mom arsenal. Until I found these, I would keep big bulky packages of baby wipes in my car. Of course my car was never close by when I needed them. If I did happen to have them when a face needed cleaning, the kids objected to having their faces cleaned by something meant for babies’ butts. Now I throw a package of Kleenex Fresh On the Go Wipes into my purse and have them ready all of the time.


Recently, we were at Medieval Times Toronto, where you are served a delicious meal, but no cutlery. The wipes they provided were small and rough to the touch, so I handed out the Kleenex® wipes to my children. Then I was able to offer one to the mom sitting next to me who was struggling with her active five year old and the mess he had made. She was grateful and he didn’t fight her when she cleaned him with it. They are very soft to the touch, and they smell nice too.

You can Share Kleenex Care with someone too, by making sure that you always have your Kleenex Fresh On the Go Wipes and are ready for any emergency. It’s a quick and easy way to show you care. Head to Kleenex.ca to save on Kleenex® Brand Tissues.

This post is sponsored by Kleenex®. The opinions and language are all my own.




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