I have had four babies, all delivered naturally with no epidural. No, I don’t love pain. I was terrified of the epidural with my first child, and my labours were too fast with the rest of them, so I felt every twinge, ache and unimaginable bit of agony that goes along with labour and delivery. I felt the urge to push and the contractions guiding me to deliver, and I went with it.

What exactly does it mean when a L&D nurse tells you to stop pushing? Can other people do this? I couldn’t. I was ready to be done with all of that pain, and the only way out was to push. My babies all delivered very quickly. My body didn’t fare so well.

During my pregnancy with my second son, I started to experience light bladder leakage (LBL). It would happen If I sneezed or waited too long to get to the washroom. If he kicked me in the bladder, there would be evidence. By the end of the pregnancy I could hardly walk without experiencing some LBL. It wasn’t fun, but it was all par for the course and things improved dramatically after giving birth.


This is what 3 months pregnant looks like with baby #4

Baby number three didn’t help matters at all, and by baby number 4 I was sure I was going to lose all bladder control. Thankfully, I have a lot of great friends who are open and honest about the realities of pregnancy and childbirth. Our bodies change, and it’s not all about weight gain and stretch marks. Some people need larger shoes, others need a more supportive bra, and a third of us experience light bladder leakage. I wear LBL as my mommy badge of honour, just like my stretch marks.

I’m not about to stop enjoying life because a sneeze or laugh might mean a little LBL. I’m also not about to wear a period pad. I finished with those long ago after a hysterectomy and I would be happy to never see another one. Plus, they are for periods, not pee. Pee looks different, smells different and needs a different pad. Incontinence pad not only offer superior absorption over period products, they keep you drier and also have odour neutralization benefits. They are thin and comfortable and ensure that light bladder leakage doesn’t slow you down.

Don’t be embarrassed, take control of the situation!



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