When my son was in high school, he went on a cruise to The Bahamas with the school band. At the time, I had done little to no travelling and I was thrilled to see him get a chance to explore other parts of the world. I was also a little envious and I spent a great deal of time researching the area and imagining everything that he would be seeing on his trip.


In reality, The Bahamas are not that far away, and travelling there does not have to be a dream. A flight to Nassau, Exuma or Grand Bahama Island is only three hours out of Toronto, and many non-stop flights are available to those areas. Should you wish to visit other islands of The Bahamas, you can catch same day connections from Nassau.


I would catch one of those connecting flights to Cat Island. It has it’s own pink sand beach that I would love to see for myself and practice my photography on such a unique setting. While on Cat Island, I would like to visit Mt. Alvernia to see The Hermitage, which is a medieval monastery that was hand carved out of rock by Father Jerome.

Pozzoli BAHAMAS cat island-665 Mount Alvernia

My husband and children are all very interested in music. They are taking music lessons, and I think they would be very interested in attending the Annual Rake & Scrape Festival on Cat Island. ‘Rake & Scrape’ is The Bahamas’ indigenous music scene where instruments are drums and saws.

Sidney Poitier grew up on Cat Island. I became a huge fan as a child when I watched “To Sir, With Love”, and I would love to see where he grew up. I am sure the people of Cat Island are very proud of their very own Academy Award winning film icon.

To learn more about Cat Island, and all of the islands of The Bahamas, visit the official site of The Bahamas. Don’t forget to join the conversation by following #ItsBetterInTheBahamas on Twitter.


Although this post has been generously sponsored by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, the opinions and language are my own.




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