With the holidays quickly approaching, gift card sales are bound to be skyrocketing. Personally, I love getting gift cards, and giving them insures that the recipient can get something that he or she really wants.

The downfall to gift cards? Losing them. We found a couple of my son’s gift cards in our house after last Christmas. He thought they were lost forever, but thankfully they weren’t. The solution to this problem is simple: the UGO Wallet app.

You can store all of your gift cards on UGO Wallet just like you would store your rewards cards and credit cards – just download the free app. I recently had the chance to test this out for myself. I was given Indigo, Winners and Dining gift cards to test. I started with the $25 Indigo gift card.


When entering the card information into UGO Wallet I was asked if I had a bar code. I looked at the card and saw a bar code and replied yes. It said to take a photo of the bar code, which I did, and it looked like we were all set. I headed out to Indigo to test my card. Book stores are dangerous for me. $150 later I was ready to check out. I started with my gift card on UGO Wallet. It didn’t work. Thankfully, I had the actual card with me so we were able to use the card and find out what the problem was. I had provided UGO Wallet with the wrong information.

When you purchase a gift card, you often will have two halves to the card. The top portion is used to purchase the gift card, and the bottom portion is the actual card. In my haste, I had photographed the bar code used to buy the card itself. There is no bar code available on the gift card, so I needed to answer “no” to the bar code request and enter the number on the card.

After realizing my mistake, I entered the Dining card and the Winners card properly. My next attempt was at East Side Mario’s with my daughter. The two of us like to sneak away for a lunch now and then so I grabbed the phone and off we went. This time I didn’t have the physical gift cards with me (they were in my other purse), so I was hoping I had everything entered properly.

ugo gift card

We had our lunch and I showed the server my UGO Wallet app. She hadn’t seen it before, but she had no problem figuring out what to do. The credit was added to the bill and I paid the remainder with my debit card. When using select smartphones and credit cards, you can use your UGO Wallet to make payments at retail stores.

From here on out I will be entering gift cards into UGO Wallet as soon as I get them, and I’m getting my son to do the same! And you can back-up your cards to the UGO Wallet Cloud – so they can easily be restored if you ever change phones!

UGO Wallet has a variety of how-to videos on YouTube to help you with the functionality of the UGO Wallet app. You can find them at www.youtube.com/channel/UC8zXHXlLVc2BQINw-S5pH-w.



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