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My Mom is a nurse. She knows how to give an injection, change a dressing and make a patient feel cared for. She spent her entire career caring for seniors and people with long term disabilities and she has the right demeanor for it. She is soft spoken (even if she has to do it in a loud way to be heard), gentle and always puts the patient first.

As a nurse, my mother has cared for a lot of seriously ill patients. She has sat with them in their last moments, said goodbye when they were well enough to leave and even attended funerals of those who weren’t so lucky. As a mother, she is very no-nonsense.

My Mom witnessed truly sick people every day and she wouldn’t give into any minor complaints or man colds. She’s not cold-hearted by any means, but if you’re looking for someone to agree that you’re on your deathbed when you have a headache, she’s not your gal. She taught my siblings and I to read medicine bottles and follow dosage recommendations. She showed us where she kept the Tylenol and told us when and how we should use it. She kept bandages on hand, and cleaned up our scrapes before sending us back out to play. She taught me to “get back on the horse” so to say, which was a valuable lesson in life.

avery broken arm

Unfortunately, the illnesses and injuries were not always superficial. I recall my sister suffering a deep gash in head and needing stitches. My mom calmly put a towel to her head and took her to the hospital. You would never know if she was panicked at all. As a young child I went undiagnosed with a serious medical condition. My mother pushed the doctors to find the problem when they were brushing it off as behaviour. She insisted on being at the hospital with me through my surgeries, even when it meant losing a job. She always put her family first.

As a mother myself, I now realize how difficult it must have been for her to keep a calm demeanor throughout anything that came her way. If anything, her medical knowledge probably caused her more stress than relief, since she would always be aware of the worst case scenario. If she was anxious at all, she’d hide it very well.

I think I have adopted my mother’s style when it comes to health issues and emergencies. I stay calm and deal with each thing as it comes without appearing worried to the kids. However, I tend to share my fears and concerns with my husband and friends rather than keeping it all to myself. She probably did too!

Mom and Eli

I am grateful for my mother and how well she took care of my siblings and I. We are all grown now and she still takes care of us sometimes, only now there are grandchildren and great-grandchildren to care for as well. She is truly a supermom!

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