Our dog, Leaf, joined our family in December 2003 when he was just a puppy. He became a quick companion for my sons Eric and Kellen, and a few months later he welcomed Avery into the family. He has been a loving and very tolerant member of our family, particularly when Griffin came along and loved to hug, grab and hold Leaf. I can’t imagine our family without him.

Leaf as a puppy

Leaf and Kellen in 2004

There are a lot of great reasons to adopt a dog into your family. Whether it is just you or a house full of children, a dog has many benefits, such as:

  • They are loyal
  • You will always have a companion
  • A dog can teach children about responsibility
  • Your pup will always cuddle with you at night
  • Exercise will become a daily “must” thanks to your eager dog
  • They never share your secrets
  • Your dog can make you smile, even when you didn’t think you could
  • A dog instinctively knows when his/her people need some extra affection

There are so many reasons that benefit people, but there is also a great benefit to these dogs who need homes. Some of them have been neglected or abused. Others have lost their families to illness or death. They have all found themselves without a family through no fault of their own and all they need is a little love and attention.

Swiffer and Bark Box partnered with Scott Foley to help some foster dogs find new homes. Scott has adopted a dog into his own family and he’s passionate about finding these pets their forever homes. We met some celebrity dogs (creating an Instagram celebrity could be another reason to adopt) and many dogs who were looking for families.

shed happens

One thing all of these dogs had in common… a need for attention. One little girl would cry and try to get back to whoever had been carrying her around. Her person had recently died and she developed quick bonds with those who spent time with her. All of the dogs would rush for a quick pat on the head if you put your hand through the gate, and they were content to be walked around either on the leash or in someone’s arms.

So what are the reasons not to get a dog? There are none. If you have allergies like I do, you can adopt a dog that doesn’t trigger allergies (poodle, shih tzu, maltese, bichon frise…just to name a few). If the mess is what concerns you, I have an easy solution. Get a Swiffer Sweeper! They pick up dog fur easily and require no cords. A Swiffer Duster will help too. Honestly, my children and husband make more messes than the dog and I’ve never considered that as a reason to not have them around.

Check your local Humane Society or animal shelter to see who is waiting for you!



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