Every year around this time the same question comes up from the grandparents and aunts and uncles: “What do the kids want for Christmas?”

I consider my children to be fairly blessed. Aside from my youngest son, they can’t come up with a big list of things they really want, because they have enough. They have enough toys. They have enough clothing. They have more than enough electronics. They do not need to fill up their rooms with more things that they don’t need.

There is something that they do need. An education.

I am starting to put away money for their post-secondary educations, but I started a little late and I worry that they won’t have the funds they need when it comes time to go to college or university. I have been down this road once before and that day arrived too fast.  

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Heritage Education Funds has partnered with FundRazr, Canada’s leading crowdfunding platform, to set up the Heritage eGifting Program. This program allows Heritage RESP subscribers to set up a charitable account for their children’s RESPs. Friends and family can then send a financial gift towards the RESPs. The funds can be contributed online, making it easy for the entire family to play a role in saving for your child’s education. Since many family members already give financial gifts at Christmas and for birthdays, it makes perfect sense to have those gifts go towards an education fund.

For those who believe they must give a gift that can be unwrapped and played with, consider giving a deck of cards, a magic trick, some collector cards, a small craft kit or some crayons and paper. Then take the funds you would have spent on a larger gift and put it towards the RESP. It is the best of both worlds for the child and I know their parents will be grateful too.

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To learn more about the Heritage eGifting Program, visit HeritageRESP.com/eGifting.



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