Mom loves breakfast in bed and some pretty flowers for Mother’s Day, but her wish list is likely much longer. She will treasure all handmade gifts that come from the kids and proudly display the cards they make her, but Dad is not getting off the hook for Mother’s Day. Listen Dad, she’s the mother of your children. The caregiver. The peacekeeper. The nucleus of the family. Show her some appreciation with something she can really use from Best Buy.

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Of course, not all moms are cut from the same cloth. Some moms like technology, others like to cook. There are moms who love to read and moms who love fashion. Thankfully Best Buy has something for every kind of mom.

The Marathon LED Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Station is a practical gift that will give her a place to keep her smartphone charged overnight. The best feature with this alarm clock is the ability adjust the brightness of the display. This light sleeping mom is occasionally kept awake by a bright clock.

Moms who enjoy spending time in the kitchen will love this CTA Digital Bamboo Cutting Board with iPad Stand and Knife Storage. It allows you to prop your ipad up for easier recipe viewing and it stores your knives in the side. There’s no need to worry about germs either since it is made of antibacterial bamboo.

She can steep the perfect cup of tea with the Bodum Chambord Copper Teapot. The wide filter basket gives the tea leaves the room they need to swirl freely and reach their full aroma potential. It brews six cups of tea at a time, saving her time too.

Help mom relieve stress and improve her focus with the Muse Brain-Sensing Headband. This headband has the incredible ability to measure whether your mind is active or calm and adjusts the audio response accordingly.

The Baggallini Classic Crossbody Bag will be mom’s go-to bag for quick errands or days at the theme parks. It is lightweight, water resistant and can be worn as a crossbody bag or a waist pack.

Put an entire library in her hands when you give her the Kobo Glo HD 6″ Digital eBook Reader with Touchscreen. She will always have the next best seller at her fingertips, without the weight of all of the books!

I’m surprising my mom with one of the items on this list, and you can too! One of my lucky readers will win a $100 Best Buy gift card to get Mom a special gift.

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