Despite it being 24 years ago and going through 40 miserable hours of labour at the time, I still remember those first precious moments with my oldest son. He opened his eyes for me and we just stared at one another. I was a single 19 year old who was delirious with fatigue, but it was all worth it in that moment. Suddenly everything was about him.

Just five weeks later I was off to college and soon afterwards I moved into an apartment in a new city. I was growing up faster than I ever thought I could. Like all new parents, I worried about everything from diaper rashes to SIDS. I read parenting books, found him a wonderful day care centre and drank in every moment I had with him.

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As a single parent I worried about his future if anything were to happen to me. I wanted him to be well taken care of, and providing him a solid financial cushion was the way to do it. My father’s former insurance career had taught me the importance of insuring your property and your life so shortly after getting my own place I sought out to get the insurance I needed.

Looking back, I realize I should have done more research before buying my insurance. I simply used my parent’s agent without asking any questions or doing any price comparisons. Of course we didn’t have the internet and resources that we have today, but even without the internet it is a good idea to shop around.

TD Insurance offers advice from non-commissioned advisors, so you know you are getting the answers you need without the hard sell. They offer straightforward coverage that can fit your personal needs and your budget. You could even save 10% if you also have your home or auto insurance with them, and there is a 30-day review period, where you can change your mind if you realize you didn’t buy the policy you wanted. Click here to get a quick and free life insurance quote from TD Insurance:

As I got older and had more reasons to buy insurance, I learned to shop around and get quotes before making the purchase. I also learned about the different kinds of insurance and what I really needed as a mother, a wife and a home owner. I continue to review my insurance each year and make changes to keep up with inflation and my family’s needs.

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If you have questions about life insurance, you can ask a TD Insurance representative at the BabyTime Show at the International Centre in Mississauga from April 22-24, 2016. As part of the activation at the Show, TD Insurance will be holding a contest for the chance to win $5,000 cash prize and numerous instant win prizes (Fitbit Flex Actvity Trackers and $100 gift cards) for those that visit the booth.



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