My husband and I share the parenting responsibilities fairly equally. We both get up with the kids in the mornings, we get them breakfast, find their clothes, make their lunches and rush them out the door for school. We both have our careers, and we share household and yard chores. I take on the financial responsibilities, scheduling appointments and pet care. My husband drives the kids to their activities, and picks up the mail every day. When dinner is done and the kids retreat to their activities, my husband retreats to his man cave, and I …. well, I stay in the living room and manage whatever the kids want or need until bedtime.

We share so much of the responsibility equally, yet our home has a space specifically for him and none for me. To be fair, I am not interested in spending time in the basement where his man cave is, but I wouldn’t object to a nice sitting area in our bedroom. It is certainly big enough, if we were to rearrange things a little and move the exercise equipment somewhere else (like the basement!). When we purchase our next home, a designated mom cave will definitely be on the list.

Twistos recognized this disparity between parents and decided to honour one special mom for Mother’s Day. Monique is a busy mom of three extremely active kids and the founder of a charity dedicated to providing school supplies to underprivileged kids. Twistos surprised Monique with a Mom Cave makeover in her home. Take a look.

So what is the mom cave? It is a place for mom to find a few moments of peace. It is her place to put her feet up, read a book and enjoy a snack without having to share. Twistos Baked Snack Crackers are a good choice for the mom cave, since they provide all of the flavor without the guilt of a heavier snack. The mom cave is the place where she can be “Monique” instead of “mom”.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, one of my lucky readers will win a Twistos Mom Cave giveaway that includes $300 in Twistos Snack Crackers and a $100 gift card for Urban Barn.

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