Day: June 27, 2016

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As proven in a new study, the sun dramatically impacts skin aging. Surprisingly, women are exposed to the sun on average of 840 minutes a week — showing how sun exposure is always occurring, even if you don’t necessarily notice it! Here I’ve listed ten times Moms are being exposed to the sun without preparing for it: In the car. Whether you are driving or sitting in the passenger seat, the sun is often beating in. Chatting with the neighbours. Maybe it’s just me, but I can step out to say hello and end up hanging out for an hour! Picking...

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Florida Road Tripping Part 1: Daytona Beach with the Inquisitive Teen

My son Kellen is a seeker of knowledge. At any given time you can find him searching for information online, watching documentaries and reading books. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. People always comment about how quiet he is and imply that he is very shy. While he is a little shy, for the most part I believe he is just introspective. He listens and learns, and when the opportunity arises he shares his favourite tidbits. Kellen’s interest in learning and exploring made him the ideal choice of my children to go on a Florida road trip with me. Our...

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