Day: June 30, 2016

Made in Canada Must-Haves for This Canada Day

Canada Day has become synonymous with family gatherings, fireworks and cross-country road trips. And, while it’s a day of celebration, long car rides and one too many Beaver Tails can leave many Canadians feeling not-so-festive. To help combat some of these ailments, below is a list of trusted, over-the-counter products. The best part? These products are all made in Canada! Cool, eh? Gravol™ If you have a family, you should be including Gravol™ as part of your medicine cabinet arsenal. For children who suffer from car sickness (or too many turns on the merry-go-round), try using GRAVOL™ Kids™ Quick...

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We got just what we needed in the short and the long term

When your central air conditioning quits on the first hot day of the season, it’s not a great day. My Dyson tower fan was managing to keep the kids’ rooms cooled off, but our master bedroom sits right over the garage and was becoming more of a sauna than a bedroom. Lucky for me I had a brand new Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk sitting in a box nearby. My main concern was turning the fan on high and leaving it that way through the night and it definitely managed that job, but that’s not all. By simply choosing the “Night”...

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