I camped in a tent for the first time when I was a teenager and I was hooked. I loved the outdoors, the adventure, the campfire… everything but the bugs! It was one of my favourite ways to vacation for many years. My son and I would escape to various Ontario campsites on weekends and we would camp for one entire week each summer.

That was a long time ago.

Now I’m a little older and I have a lot more aches and pains. We packed up the tent and camped in Massachusetts a few years ago and I realized that:

  1. Air mattresses don’t hold their air for long.
  2. The ground is hard.
  3. Campsite washrooms are unpleasant.


At the end of that trip I announced to the kids that the tent was retired. They were not pleased! In order to let them have the same fun camping experiences their brother had, I agreed to backyard campouts. That way, I can use the washroom inside and if the kids decide they would rather be inside, I can still sleep in my own bed. It’s a win-win!

Here are some tips for creating the best backyard campout.

  • Put up the tent with the doorway facing the house, so quick escapes can happen!
  • If you have a firepit, do the whole campfire experience. If not, make some oven s’mores and barbecued hot dogs to enjoy in the yard.
  • Set up some air mattresses with sleeping bags or lots of blankets.
  • Make sure your flashlights have fresh batteries so they last the night.

Using a lantern is a great way to keep the entire tent lit so that the kids all feel confident at night. We actually chose an Energizer Work Light because it is durable, has a long battery life, especially when used with Energizer MAX®  batteries, and has a hook that you can use to hang it up in the tent. You can also provide each child with his or her own flashlight to use if they need to leave the tent for any reason.To keep your family powered during your camping adventures, a reliable resource for lanterns, flashlights and long-lasting batteries is Energizer.


Whether you want to stay close to home, or brave the wilderness, camping is a great family activity and it’s a fun way to teach the kids a little bit about outdoor safety. Staying stocked up on batteries for your flashlights and radios is one important way to stay safe. Energizer headlamps provide light while freeing up your hands, and they’re just fun to wear! You can find them, and all of the Energizer flashlights, lanterns and batteries at Walmart.

One of my lucky readers will win a $500 Walmart Gift Card. That buys you a lot of camping equipment!

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