For years, families have been loading up the trunks and strapping on the seat belts for the summer road trip. Hours of planning goes into these annual adventures, starting with choosing the destination and the stops along the way. Sometimes families are towing the family trailer. The world’s biggest crater may just be the most memorable part of the vacation so you don’t want to skip it, even if it requires a detour down a dirt road. Going through the mountains provides spectacular views, and visiting a drive-on beach will be a memorable occasion. The journey will undoubtedly pass multiple deer crossing signs and nighttime travels increase the odds of nocturnal creatures wandering too close to the road.

However you decide to get there, eventually you will reach your destination. Will it be a rustic cabin or a mountaintop resort? An oceanside boutique hotel or a log cabin Airbnb deep in the woods? Is the destination known for the annual rainfall or extremely high humidity? All of these different road conditions and situations, combined with the inevitable construction and weather along the way, call for reliable tires to keep the family safe throughout the trip and during your stay.

Michelin’s Premier Family of Tires offer ultimate safety for all your summer road trip needs. The all season tires use special EverGrip Technology. Due to this award winning technology, Premier tires have new grooves emerge as the tire wears down, allowing Premier tires to be safe when new and safe when worn. They are extremely durable, come with a limited 100km warranty and offer confident handling in all summer weather conditions.


With the right tires on your car, you are prepared for whatever situation arises along the road. A family road trip gone sour due to car trouble is not something you want to experience, but the entire family’s safety can in jeopardy if the tires aren’t equipped to deal with wet roads or quick stops. You can check out all of your Michelin tire options here: Michelin Tire Details.

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