Twenty years ago, children’s birthday parties included some balloons, games, hot dogs and a cake. The Thanksgiving table was decorated with hand print turkeys and family recipes. The family dinner was a ritual that didn’t require fancy settings or perfectly plated meals. In today’s world of Pinterest worthy celebrations and meals, the bar is always being raised and it can feel like we are never doing it quite right. The truth is, people don’t need pin worthy dishes in order to enjoy their quality time together, and IKEA knows this.

73% of people say they cook to make themselves feel at home, 42% say they lack time to cook everyday day. 34% of those living alone wish they could eat with others more often. “Let’s relax” is IKEA’s idea to help friends and families say “goodbye” to stress and “hello” to the joy of cooking, eating and being together, just like the folks in this video.

What if preparing and enjoying food together was the answer to sharing quality time? Quality time comes in many forms. So, why not have fun and be productive at the same time? Prepare meals in advance and let everyone help out. It doesn’t matter if you do meals for the whole week or just the breakfasts. You can also squeeze in quality time in odd places, like when grandma teaches you her favourite recipe over Skype, or when you show everyone in the family how chores can be super fun. Kids are great helpers, so make your kitchen kid-friendly and invite them in.


Making kitchen chores a family affair teaches children good values that they will use throughout their entire lives, and it also allows everyone to spend a little more time together. Ikea has some fun ideas for chore time with kids. Take a look at how to have good company in the kitchen.

good company

good company 2

How do you spend quality time in the kitchen?



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