The new school year is about to start again, which means the dreaded task of making school lunches is about to begin. We will see full lunch bags return home at the end of the day. A classroom monitor will not approve of the snack choices you provide (of course she will look on the day you allow your little sweetheart to make her own lunch). All of the lunch containers will vanish without a trace. Worst of all, the foods they claimed to love will suddenly be deemed disgusting. What is a mom to do to provide healthy lunches that her children will eat?

first day of school

One lunch item that has been a winner in our home is iÖGO nanö. Available in a pouch, tube, cup or spill-proof drink, these tasty yogurts fit perfectly in a lunch bag and the variety means that you can please all of your kids with one healthy and ultra-convenient snack. We have been purchasing the yogurt tubes and drinks for years, but now we can also get iÖGO nanö pouches, and all of the iÖGO nanö products have new packaging and flavours!


The iÖGO nanö pouches are filled with a fruit puree and yogurt mix (there’s also a new line of tasty veggie flavours), and they have a re-sealable twist cap if your child doesn’t want to finish it all at once. That’s a great way to avoid spills in the lunch bag! It’s a healthy snack that the kids love and mom can approve of too.

Here are some more ways to make school lunches easier:

  • Freeze iÖGO nanö yogurt tubes. This gives the kids a delicious frozen yogurt treat at home, and keeps their yogurt cold in their lunches.
  • Keep a variety of allergy safe spreads on hand. Cinnamon spread, nut free peanut butter substitute and jams can make for some quick and easy bagels for lunch.
  • Let your child choose which fruits and veggies they have each day. It’s more likely that he will eat them if he has made the choice himself.
  • Hard boiled eggs are easy to pack and a great source of protein.
  • Instead of sending drinking boxes, use a refillable water bottle.
  • Make your lunches the night before so they are ready to grab and go in the morning.
  • Always put an ice pack in the lunch bag.
  • Use a thermos to send soup or chili for your child.
  • Send a large Ziploc bag for the lunch garbage so that the lunch bag doesn’t get soiled.

If all else fails, leftover pizza is usually a hit. Remember, this isn’t about having a Pinterest worthy lunch bag for your child. It’s more important that they will eat it!

Although this post has been generously sponsored by iÖGO, the opinions and language are my own.




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