I still remember the day I took my first driving test. I say “first” because I didn’t pass. I started learning to drive in the summer months and by early November I was ready to take my test. Well, I thought I was ready but I had never driven in the snow before. My driver’s test happened to land on the first snowfall of the year… and it was a big storm.

I was the second of our group to head out on the road and I was nervous. I was doing okay until we were heading back to the office on a four-lane road and I was told to change lanes. Rather than making an easy transition into the other lane, I slid over and barely got control of the car before it went into oncoming traffic. There was no accident, but there could have been and they were right to fail me. I was not prepared for winter driving and a couple more weeks of practice was what I needed.


An extremely important factor for winter driving is your tires. Driving on Canadian roads in the winter is not for inexperienced drivers or people with inadequate tires. Bald tires, tires low on air or tires intended for dry conditions are not going to keep your family safe on snowy and icy roads. As a Canadian owned and locally operated business, Tirecraft knows about our Canadian winter conditions. They are committed to the well-being of their community and want to keep everyone safe on the road. The experts at Tirecraft can provide you with recommendations for the tires you need based on your vehicle, location and driving style.

Whether you are a new driver who is just learning the intricacies of winter driving or an experienced motorist, you can find help choosing the perfect winter tires here: The Ultimate Guide to Winter Tires. This guide can help to prepare you before you head to Tirecraft to talk to the experts and make your purchase.

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This post has been generously sponsored by Tirecraft, the opinions and language are my own.



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