Booking a cruise involves many decisions. Do you want an inside cabin or a balcony? Should you book the early or the late dinner seating? What excursions, if any, do you want to go on? How long do you want to cruise for? These are all important decisions, but the question that seems to be asked the most is “What do I wear?”.

There is no arguing that cruise cabins are small, so packing multiple bags is not practical. You will want to make some careful decisions that allow for some mixing and matching of outfits and you want to have something for both cooler and warmer weather. Be sure to check for any themed dining too, so that you have the right clothing to play along.

This week I am sharing an example of what a woman can wear when visiting a warm weather port during a cruise.


You can find out where to buy each of these items HERE but the overall message is to choose cool and comfortable clothing. Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun hat and carry a bag to transport any purchases you make at local shops. Try not to be too flashy and make yourself a target for theft and don’t carry large amounts of cash.

Other tips for port day:

  • carry some cash for the use of washrooms
  • watch the time and make sure you return to the ship well before departure time
  • ask the ship concierge for tips on transportation and places to visit when you debark
  • port day can be a great time to stay on the ship and enjoy the amenities with fewer guests
  • drink only bottled water
  • save money and avoid food borne illness by eating before disembarking and once back on board

Check back next week for another edition of “What to Pack”.



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