I remember the 2003 blackout very well. It was a warm summer day and I had some fans blowing to keep me, my preteen and my infant son cool. I think my son was watching television and I was in the kitchen when the power went out. This isn’t a rare occurrence in our town, or at least it wasn’t at that time, so I wasn’t very concerned at the time. I just carried on with whatever I was doing and waited for it to turn on again. And I waited.

I don’t know how much time had passed when my husband returned home and said that the power was out everywhere. We pulled out the battery operated radio and searched for some news. We soon learned that the power was out over most of Ontario and some of the US. It didn’t sound like it was coming back on soon, so we made sure that no one was opening the fridge or the freezer and we moved outside to enjoy the cool breeze on the porch.

The power ended up being out for about a day. We endured the heat and the food survived the outage, but it wouldn’t have lasted very much longer. All in all, it wasn’t a terrible experience for us, but I know that wasn’t the case for everyone. The power was out longer in some areas and people lost work, had to throw away food and ran into other problems that come with a loss of power. If it had happened in the winter, or even on a hotter day in the summer, the temperatures alone could have been a big concern.


I have always been concerned with emergency preparedness and try to ensure we have the necessities on hand if we need them. One of those necessities was recently added to our home: a Champion 3000W/4000 W generator. This generator can be used in an RV or for home projects but we are keeping it as a back-up plan should we find ourselves in another blackout. It is a gasoline powered portable generator that will allow us to keep our fridge running or run a heater or a fan in the event of a power outage. Basically, it is peace of mind for our whole family including my father-in-law who was at my house when it was delivered and was really impressed with our new addition.


When you lose utility power it’s not only the lights that go out. Critical hardwired systems like heating and air conditioning units stop working, food begins to spoil, security systems often fail, and sump pumps cease functioning. A power outage lasting only a few days can cost the average family over $1,200 in repairs.  Designed with portability in mind, Champion products can be stored, moved and used with ease no matter where you need power. Housed in a durable steel frame some units come equipped with a u-shape folding handle and never-flat tires for easy maneuvering and transportation.

You can find the right generator for your needs by visiting the generator selector page on the Champion website. The site also includes some important safety information for using a generator. Remember to always keep the manual on hand, never run the generator indoors and install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Features available on Champion generators include:

  • Dual Fuel – Runs on GAS or PROPANE straight out of the box
  • Wireless Remote Start – Start and stop the unit from up to 80 ft. away.
  • Touch Start – Battery included for push-button electric start
  • Volt Guard – Protects your appliances from power surges.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty with 24/7 technical support for all Champion products.

Champion products are available at a number of retailers across Canada, including Canadian Tire, Costco and TSC, with prices ranging from $299 to $1,100, depending on the product. One of my lucky readers will win a $50 gift certificate to Canadian Tire.

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