I like lists. I make “to do” lists and idea lists, packing lists and bucket lists, chore lists and of course …. shopping lists. Each week I make a menu and research which ingredients I need, and then I look through the fridge and cupboards and write my list in the order that the items appear in the grocery store. 

Maybe I’m a little OCD too, but that’s a different post.

Most of the time I hand that list to my husband who does a lot of the grocery shopping. He is better at going to the store and not buying a bunch of junk food, but he’s not great at remembering what we need and he often forgets the list. I do the same thing, so I can’t really get upset with him about it! To combat this problem, I started texting him the list but he was still coming home without things on the list, probably because there is no way to cross things off the list as you go. I started searching for a solution online and I found an app that works beautifully for my family.

The Our Groceries app allows me to make a list that is categorized by the sections in the store (I can’t tell you how important that is to me). I add my items to our list which I can then share with my family. My husband and I share a list, which means I can add an item to the list while he’s at the store, and it appears there for him too. Just tap the items when you pick them up and they are moved to the bottom with a strike through them to show they are off the list. If you need to add the item again next week, just tap it and it returns to the list. It is so easy to use and the list is never forgotten because we always have our phones with us.

The app offers other useful features, like scanning products to add them to your list, using photos of the list items and adding recipes to the app so that you can select a recipe to add all of the ingredients to your list. My husband and I are both really loving this app, so much so that I just had to share it with my readers (no, this is not a sponsored post). I hope it makes your shopping easier too!



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