Playtime is essential for helping kids learn. They get to experience the world around them and take in valuable information. However, not all devices and toys provide the same level of entertainment and education. When you want to delight your kids and motivate them to learn at the same time, hand them one of the following gadgets.

Fisher Price Fun-2-Learn Smart Tablet

Your little ones will be ecstatic when you hand them a tablet of their very own. This affordable gadget has six modes to help your kids learn phonics, typing, music, letters, and numbers. It can also help them learn to count to 10 in both English and Spanish. As your kids become familiar with this device, they’ll be preparing to grow up in a world where tablet usage is the norm.

You’ll also love that you won’t have to be on pins and needles whenever your kids are using this tablet; with its sturdy casing, it is designed to withstand anything your kids might put it through. It is also lightweight and has a kickstand, so your kids can tote it around all day and use it wherever.

Leapfrog Tablets

Leapfrog produces educational toys for children from infants to 8-year-olds, so your kids can grow up learning with Leapfrog. Leapfrog offers several tablets and a library of more than a thousand games, apps, videos, and e-books.

While these tablets are more expensive than the abovementioned Fisher Price product, they offer more. They come with a 1-year warranty, and the most advanced model has 16 GB memory. The Epic and the Platinum versions have a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, which means that your kids can control the device with just a light touch rather than a stylus.

You’ll be delighted as your kids explore the available games and apps and learn about reading, writing, math, and other important topics.

A Powerful and Reliable Smartphone

Watch your kids learn and have fun as they explore the vast variety of educational apps that are available in the Google Play Store. They can master mathematics, learn another language, discover other cultures, practice reading skills, and so much more.

Because kids’ apps often feature lots of fun colors and graphics, you need a mobile device with a processor that can handle the load. Educational apps and games look fantastic on a powerful and reliable smartphone. When the smartphone is paired with a good network, like T-Mobile’s, your kids will be able to enjoy apps that require a data connection when you’re taking road trips or running errands around town.

CogniToys Dino

This adorable little dinosaur is a Wi-Fi–enabled treasure trove of information for your kids. They can ask the dino any question, and it will respond with an age-appropriate answer. Because CogniToys writes answers to the questions kids might ask, and the answers aren’t taken from a site like Google, you can be sure that your kids will understand the answers that are given to them. When kids ask questions that the dino doesn’t know the answer to, the questions will be recorded, and CogniToys may add those questions in future updates.

But this nifty toy can do more than answer questions. It can also tell stories and jokes. It will grow and learn with your kiddos, even engaging them in conversation. The dino is sensitive to emotions; if your kids say they’re scared, this smart companion will advise them to talk to an adult they trust.

UBTECH Jimu Robot Buzzbot

This STEM kit is ideal for kids who are 8 or older. They’ll build the robot, learning important scientific and technological principles. Your kids will learn how to solve problems and think logically. It isn’t too difficult to put together, but it does require an iOS or Android connection, and you should stick around while your kids are working on it, so they don’t accidentally ruin this sensitive but amazing toy.

Some devices do nothing but distract your kids. You want more from the gadgets your kids use, though. The above gizmos will give them valuable information while keeping them entertained for hours on end.



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