This winter has been particularly cold and we have had our share of snow days. The kids start to go a little stir crazy when they can’t play outside for very long, and I don’t them to be parked in front of the television all day, so we look for fun ways to pass the time.

Here are some fun indoor activities that you can do with the kids on a cold day.

25 indoor activities

  1. Play board games. If you are tired of the games you have, create your own unique game.
  2. Have a movie night. Pop some popcorn, grab some pillows and turn off the lights to create the movie theatre atmosphere.
  3. Play some video games. If you have a Kinect or a Wii, you can be active while you play!
  4. Bake something. Bake up some delicious treats to enjoy after your dinner.
  5. Read a book together. Introduce the kids to a classic story or discover a new book while doing some educational bonding.
  6. Build a fort. Turn your child’s bedroom into a fort using furniture and blankets…and don’t forget the flashlight!
  7. Play sock hockey. If you have the right floors for it, pull on your fuzzy socks, grab your hockey stick and a rolled up socks for a puck and slide across the floors while trying to score on your opponents.
  8. Build with Lego. There is no end to the possibilities with Lego.
  9. Create with play dough. You can make your own play dough first, and then let the kids make some masterpieces.
  10. Make jewelry. Whether you have yarn, string or dental floss; beads, macaroni or Rainbow Loom, you can come up with some gorgeous creations that you will likely have to wear out in public sometime soon.
  11. Play dress up. Grab the old Halloween costumes or your wardrobe from the eighties and let the kids put on a fashion show for you.
  12. Make your own movie. Write a script, assign roles or just let the kids improvise while you record and then create a flick that is sure to be a hit.
  13. Put on a puppet show. If you don’t have your own puppets, grab some socks and a sharpie and make some, and let the kids entertain you with their puppet show.
  14. Colour or draw. If you need a more relaxed activity, pull out the crayons and colouring books and watch their pictures come to life.
  15. Sing and dance. Grab some real or homemade instruments, turn up the tunes and put on a musical show.
  16. Put on a magic show. If you are not already a magician in training, the internet can be your guide to learn some simple tricks that will wow the family.
  17. Have a car race. Build a ramp with some cardboard and race some matchbox cars.
  18. Make a scavenger hunt. Set up clues around the house and have your own family scavenger hunt.
  19. Play hide and seek. This can also be a good opportunity for Mom and Dad to grab a few minutes of quiet…but don’t forget that the kids are hiding!
  20. Do paper crafts. Whether you make paper airplanes, party hats or origami animals…kids love to create with paper.
  21. Do science experiments. Drop a Mentos mint in coke. Create a tornado in a pop bottle. There are so many fun experiments you can try at home.
  22. Do each other’s hair. Put some bows in Dad’s hair and give Mom a Mohawk, and don’t forget to Instagram it!
  23. Yoga. Get your workout in and teach the kids some yoga moves while you do it.
  24. Have a tea party. Set out a plate of baked goods and a pot of tea, put on your fanciest clothes, and stick out those pinky fingers while you enjoy a tea party.
  25. Have a living room campout. Blow up the air mattresses and pull out the sleeping bags and you can all camp on the living room floor.

Once they are stir crazy, bundle them up as warm as you can and get them to shovel the snow!




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