Month: March 2017

Parenting in the Digital Age

Every parent who is dealing with kids of the Z generation knows that teaching them about digital life is as much important as other aspects of life. Nowadays, when kids go online at a very young age and become friends with gadgets in their tweens, it becomes essential to educate them about the digital ethics. It is not difficult for kids to adapt to tablets, smartphones, virtual reality and video games. But it is possible for them to lose sense if reality and have trouble understanding what is wrong and what is right. They can also very easily fall...

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That Time I Sort-of Met Letterman

I developed a passion for travel as a teenager, but didn’t get to fully realize that passion until I was in my thirties. However, I did enjoy many weekend camping trips and day trips to beaches and theme parks. Having a child young meant that my priorities shifted away from my dreams of traveling the world, but I did take one week away when he was nearly two years old. I was a 21 year old college student and mother who needed a break from reality, so I took a road trip with two friends (a guy I went...

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Eating Keto: Weeks 3 and 4

We are in our third month of eating keto and I found it helpful to see what other people are eating on a daily basis, so I am also sharing our meals. Last week I shared our meals from the first two weeks of the year and here are our meals from weeks three and four. When we wanted some chicken wings, we opted for President’s Choice Dry-seasoned Rotisserie-style Chicken Wings made in our air fryer. They are low in carbs (watch the serving size though) and really tasty too. We had steamed green beans with butter on the...

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Where It All Began

I was bit by the travel bug when we went on our one and only family vacation. It was a road trip from Ontario to Florida, with a two day stop in Virginia to visit family. I was 16 years old and traveling with my parents, my older sister and my five-year-old brother. While in Virginia we spent a day in Washington DC visiting memorials and landmarks. The most memorable part of DC was the homeless population. Having grown up in a relatively small Ontario city, I had never seen so many homeless people and I was surprised to...

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Six Essential Apps for Managing Your Busy Life

Parents have so much to handle. You raise a family, maintain a steady job (or several), and keep track of the minutia of daily life. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to remember everything on your own. Apps help you manage your to-do lists, plan meals, and synchronize everyone’s schedules. Your life won’t be any less busy with these apps, but it might be a little more organized. Cozi Image via Free iOS and Android app Cozi is the ultimate family schedule organizer. It’s a calendar, a to-do list, a recipe book, and more. The best part about...

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