We are in our third month of eating keto and I found it helpful to see what other people are eating on a daily basis, so I am also sharing our meals. Last week I shared our meals from the first two weeks of the year and here are our meals from weeks three and four.

When we wanted some chicken wings, we opted for President’s Choice Dry-seasoned Rotisserie-style Chicken Wings made in our air fryer. They are low in carbs (watch the serving size though) and really tasty too. We had steamed green beans with butter on the side.

Once again, we enjoyed a roast beef made in the slow cooker with some broccoli and cheese sauce. My daughter is missing her mashed potatoes so I made some just for her.

On a day that we were very busy and my meal plans went to the wayside, I ordered pizza for the kids and Mike and I just snacked on pepperettes, hard boiled eggs and almonds. The next night I made italian sausage with asparagus.

We celebrated Christmas a little late with my in-laws and decided to put together a potluck meal rather than make a big turkey dinner. My sister-in-law and her family are also eating low carb options and we all shared that information with my mother-in-law and father-in-law. We ended up with a great selection of low carb food that included meatballs, chicken wings, deviled eggs, raw veggies, cole slow, taco bites made with a cheese cup rather than a taco shell, cheese crisps, artichoke dip and a cheese platter.

The kids were requesting tacos so we put together the regular tacos for them and had taco salad for ourselves. This is how we normally did tacos in our house so it didn’t require any sacrifice on our part.

Our meatballs at the family potluck made me want to make some more, so I heated some President’s Choice angus meatballs and made my own keto sweet and sour sauce. A cheesy cauliflower mash made an excellent side dish with them.

Breakfast for dinner is always a good idea so we enjoyed omelettes and bacon one evening.

My attempt at a keto lasagna didn’t work well, so I switched it to a keto lazy lasagna. It was simply ground beef, diced tomatoes, cottage cheese, mushrooms and tomato sauce. It was okay but not a huge hit with the family.

The remaining meals were either leftovers or dining out. I made Cheesecake Fat Bombs at the beginning of week three and they were a little too good. I found myself eating them several times a day and I believe the sweetness (although it was artificial sweetener) caused cravings and led to more snacking. My husband’s birthday also fell at the end of week four and we made the choice to have some pizza and coffee cake. We did both in moderation, but it was an obvious deviation from eating keto.

Week 3: Gained 0.1 lbs

Week 4: Lost 1.1 lbs



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