In the Getting Started blog post I recommended some keto snacks to have on hand when you switch to a low carb/high fat diet. Now I will share some of the low carb meals that we ate in our first few weeks.

Hellman’s Parmesan Chicken without the bread crumbs. This is a recipe I have made many times before, so it wasn’t a huge adjustment for anyone in the family. I put asparagus and cheese sauce on the side.

Another regular in our house is the omelette. My husband is a bit of a master at making omelettes, so he put together a cheese and spinach version much like the one pictured below (minus the salsa because he doesn’t like them with salsa, not because of carbs).

spinach omelette

Roast beef has always been a favourite meal here so we have made it several times. I thought I would miss the potatoes on the side, but I don’t. I have made cauliflower mash to go along with it, or just put a salad and vegetable on the side. I do make gravy and use it sparingly because it does have carbs.

Italian sausage made on the grill makes a great keto meal. We had it with cauliflower and cheese sauce on the side. The first time I made it as a keto meal I made a mushroom gravy with cream of mushroom soup. It turns out that cream of mushroom soup is fairly high in carbs, which I didn’t realize. I can still make a mushroom gravy but I use less soup or just make it with a mushroom gravy mix.

Eggs are always a good choice for eating keto and a crustless quiche is quick and easy to make, and also a satisfying dinner. I make a bacon and spinach crustless quiche that everyone enjoys.

We tried this Keto Cauliflower Pizza Casserole one night. It had mixed reviews at our table but I would eat it again.

When we were rushed we picked up a roast chicken from the deli section of our grocery store and ate it with a greek salad on the side.

Keto Shepherd’s Pie is made with ground beef, mixed vegetables, gravy and cauliflower mash. My kids thought they were eating mashed potatoes (they claimed the potatoes were the only part they liked) so I guess the cauliflower worked out well.

Another easy slow cooker meal is a pork roast. We served it with asparagus and salad, along with a cheese sauce for the asparagus (this is how I get my kids to eat their greens).

This Chicken Carbonara didn’t look how I planned but it tasted great.

Keto Chicken

Meatloaf is generally well received by my family so I created a low carb version using hemp seeds instead of bread crumbs. It was a little dry and hemp seeds were a big mistake for my son who has Ulcerative Colitis. I will be looking for alternative meatloaf recipes for us in the future.

The egg chef stepped up again to make Eggs Benedict on Oopsie Bread instead of english muffins. He made the oopsie bread without cream of tartar because he didn’t realize we had some. First of all, his oopsie bread is delicious and we have had it several times. Secondly, eggs benedict on oopsie bread is everything.

The rest of the first two weeks balanced out with leftovers and one night out at a restaurant. Breakfasts consisted of eggs (often hard boiled), coffee with cream (I actually use milk because I don’t like cream, but cream is a better keto choice) and stevia, full fat cottage cheese and full fat greek yogurt with no added sugar or fruit. Drinking lots of water is important and I also had a couple of cups of tea each day.

Sheri’s weight loss:

  • Week 1 weight loss: 4.5 lbs
  • Week 2 weight loss: 3.8 lbs

I will share more meal ideas in the coming weeks and soon I will share a guide to dining out while eating keto.



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