Every parent who is dealing with kids of the Z generation knows that teaching them about digital life is as much important as other aspects of life. Nowadays, when kids go online at a very young age and become friends with gadgets in their tweens, it becomes essential to educate them about the digital ethics.

It is not difficult for kids to adapt to tablets, smartphones, virtual reality and video games. But it is possible for them to lose sense if reality and have trouble understanding what is wrong and what is right. They can also very easily fall prey to online dangers such as sharing with strangers, believing in what they say and following every trend on social media such as sexting, sharing private info and cyberbullying. Don’t think that your kid can only be the victim of it, chances are that your kid can become the bully herself.

Need of digital monitoring

Keeping all this in mind parents have to monitor their kids digitally as well. See what they surf on the internet, who they talk to, what they share and can they differentiate between the good and bad of social media. Apart from teaching them, they have to check their activities regularly to make sure that they don’t indulge in something dangerous, whether knowingly or unknowingly. This is what digital parenting is all about.

There is an app for it

Since it is digital parenting, there are apps to make it easy for parents. It is hard to check their browser history and text messages all the time. They don’t appreciate it. It is even harder to put restrictions unless you confiscate their devices which is an even bigger problem.

So to facilitate parents there are many digital tools that allow them to keep an eye on their kids and also block out the harms. One such parental control app is FamilyTime which has quickly gained popularity in this medium.

Take a look at its feature:

  • Text message monitoring: To keep an eye on sexting, bullying, foul language and untimely texting.
  • Call log and contacts: To know the people your children are in contact with and blacklist the shady ones.
  • Internet history: To check if they see age appropriate and safe content.
  • Mobile apps: To view installed applications and block unsafe apps.
  • Screen time control: To keep screen time in limit with digital locks.
  • Location tracking: To know where they go.
  • Geofence: To get notified when the reach or leave certain places such as home, school, work etc.
  • Panic button: To know when your kids need your help.
  • Teen Safe drive: To limit rash driving.


Get more awesome!


So, if you want to fully master the digital parenting and keep your kids and teens safe in the digital world you should use a parental control app. It is the ultimate way of getting more control and handling your kids’ digital monitoring with minimum stress. Ace digital parenting with smarter methods and secure them a healthy future.





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