I grew up learning about sustainability long before it was recognized in the mainstream. My mother is an avid gardener who collects rain water and built her own composters. She made her own grocery bags and cooked most food from scratch. In fact, I don’t think I had tried many canned foods until I moved out on my own and didn’t have anyone cooking for me anymore. While I believe my mother was ahead of her time (not many people thought twice about using plastic grocery bags 30-40 years ago), I also think she was just doing what made the most sense to her in terms of finances, resources and the planet.

I can’t pretend to be at her level when it comes to sustainability. My gardens grow more weeds than vegetables and I have yet to buy a composter or a rain barrel, but I do care about the planet so I do what makes sense to me. I research the products I buy and choose environmentally friendly items whenever possible. Tide purclean is one of the eco-friendly products that I choose. It is free of dyes, chlorine, phosphates, ethanolamine and optical brighteners, and the unscented version is free of perfumes too.

Tide purclean is made from 65% renewable, plant-based ingredients and it is the first plant-based detergent with the cleaning power of Tide. This means I can choose a laundry detergent that is sustainable without sacrificing clean clothes. It is also hypoallergenic and in a house full of people with allergies and sensitive skin, we need that. I already wash in cold water and wait for a full load before doing laundry, so switching to Tide purclean fit nicely into my laundry routine.


With Earth Day right around the corner, Tide purclean wants to encourage you to adopt more eco-friendly laundry habits in support of WWF-Canada’s Count For Nature movement. Take the Sustainable Laundry Pledge and see how 3 simple steps can reduce your environmental  impact on the planet. For every pledge that Tide gets between now and April 30th, Tide purclean will donate $5 to WWF-Canada’s Count For Nature campaign, up to $15,000.

I took the pledge and I’m stocked with Tide purclean. You can pick up Tide purclean at retailers across Canada. It can be used in older machines like mine but it is also HE-Compatible. You can find an unscented Tide purclean and it is also available in a Honey Lavender scent; a floral mélange of lavender, jasmine, and orange flower thickened with amber woods. Grab a bottle of each so that you can stick to your sustainable laundry pledge and smell fabulous at the same time.



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