I was never a kid or a teenager who would lay out in the sun to get a tan, but I was always outside. I liked to play tag with my friends, ride bikes, climb trees and run around the neighbourhood. I loved to swim, take my baby brother for walks and go to the park. When I got older, I enjoyed camping and going to the beach and I was often outdoors with my son. With my olive skin tone, sunburns were rare so I didn’t put a lot of thought into sunscreen. Now that youth is no longer on my side, I really wish I had taken better care of my skin.

It is my arms that show the most sun damage. Small freckles cover the entirety of my arms, with a few larger ones as well. I didn’t notice quite how severe it was until I saw my arm alongside my daughter’s arm one day. Her smooth olive skin appears to be showing off its youth next to my skin. Thankfully I took better care of my face.

Dry facial skin seems to run in my family and I started using daily moisturizers when I was a young teenager. Many of these moisturizers contained UV protection as well, so my face received better protection from sun damage than the rest of my exposed skin. The daily moisturizing routine also helped me to have soft skin that hasn’t aged as quickly as it could have. As I entered my forties I started to focus on a nighttime skin care routine.

A good night cream is essential for aging skin and it should always be applied to a face that has been properly cleaned and toned. I’ve read that it is best to avoid sleeping on your face as well, but I just can not sleep on my back so I haven’t managed that yet. I get to sleep at an early hour so that I wake up rested and I’m diligent about drinking enough water to keep my skin hydrated. I wish I had taken so much care for my skin and body when I was young, and I wish I had found CeraVe back then too.

CeraVe skin care products are recommended by dermatologists because they are developed with the help of dermatologists. They contain 3 essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid to help hydrate and replenish vital lipids in the skin’s natural protective moisture barrier, helping your skin look and feel younger. CeraVe has a full line of anti-aging skin care products including cleansers and moisturizers and have just introduced two new anti-aging products in their line-up. The CeraVe Skin Renewing Cream Serum is great for sensitive skin because it contains an encapsulated retinol complex that helps improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while the encapsulation allows the retinol to absorb gently into the skin reducing the potential for irritation sometimes associated with retinol. It is light in texture and absorbs quickly making it great to wear under a moisturizer at night or sunscreen during the day.

CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream is a rich cream that works while you sleep in synergy with your skin’s circadian rhythm, when skin is more receptive. It contains two biomimetic peptides that helps improve skin cell turnover and elasticity.
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To ensure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

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