When my husband and I headed into 2017, we had a plan to stay away from all sugar and carbs without fail. Of course we did fail, so we restructured our plan a bit. Rather than deny ourselves everything that we had previously considered a treat or snack, we chose a select few items that we would treat ourselves with in moderation. Among the sweet treats we allow ourselves is barkTHINS®.

Since dark chocolate is said to have anti-oxidants and is considered a better choice than other sweet treats, we wanted our chocolate vice to be dark chocolate. I already eat coconut, nuts and seeds on a regular basis, so a snack that combines these items is perfect, and that is barkTHINS. Even better, barkTHINS are made with non-GMO ingredients and Fair Trade dark chocolate. They are Kosher and contain no artificial colours or flavours either, which fits right in with our lifestyle. They make our #snackingelevated.

I first found the Almond barkTHINS while shopping at Costco. I did what I’ve come to do on a regular basis and read the label before putting it in the cart. I was pleased with the ingredients and the net carbs so I decided to give them a shot. I love dark chocolate so I wasn’t surprised when I enjoyed them, but I was surprised to see my husband and children enjoy them as well. They usually turn their noses up to dark chocolate, but this time they indulged enough that I don’t feel I had my fair share of the bag.

I soon discovered three more varieties of barkTHINS: Coconut, pumpkin seed, and pretzel. All four flavours are now available in Canada. I’m not a fan of pretzels so I let the kids devour the pretzel barkTHINS, which they gladly obliged in a matter of a couple of days. I wanted the coconut and the pumpkin seed for myself but I need to find some better hiding places because they disappeared rather quickly as well.

Out of the four flavours, the pumpkin seed is my favourite. They all have a subtle sweetness with smoot
h chocolate and just the right amount of sea salt and special ingredient. The pumpkin seed had a satisfying crunch and the seeds integrated with the salt perfectly. Coconut was a close second because I always love the combination of salty and sweet, and coconut is delicious as well. My husband was partial to the almond which isn’t surprising since he can finish off a bag of almonds in no time.

Although a serving of barkTHINS calls for four pieces, I find I am satisfied with just one. Around mid afternoon when I am feeling a little sluggish and tired of sitting at the computer, that little piece of chocolate gives me the pick-me-up I need to throw on the running shoes and get outside for a walk. It eliminates my sweet cravings too, which is why we went looking for a sweet treat in the first place. My days are definitely #betterwithbarkTHINS.

“I received product from barkTHINS and wanted to share it with you. This post is sponsored by barkTHINS, however, all opinions are completely my own and are based on my experience.”



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